Treatment is dynamic, task orientated and meaningful and we can help with improvement long after injury. If you have difficulty getting to the clinic we can visit you at your home, residential or nursing home.
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What It Helps

Patients can be treated at home removing the need to travel to the clinic.

Conditions seen include:
Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Motor Neurone disease, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Head injury & Stroke rehab

Treatment is specific to you, and may include stretching, strengthening, balance and walking practise, postural awareness and control. We can give advice on suitable walking aids, home adaptations, equipment and seating. The majority of patients are seen once or twice a week and complete a home exercise programme between treatment sessions. We are able to provide intensive daily physiotherapy or maintenance physiotherapy of one or two treatment sessions a month.

We are a regional specialist centre for SaeboStim® and SaeboStretch® splints.

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The SaeboStim One, a wireless electrical stimulation device, is designed to strengthen weakened muscles, improve range of movement. It can be used to re-educate a muscle to perform tasks and can be used on muscles on any part of the body. The SaeboStim One complements any rehabilitation programme. It’s pre set programme is clinically designed to improve function, slow down atrophy, and strengthen weakened muscles in both upper and lower limbs.

Who can benefit?

Anyone suffering from both neurological or orthopaedic injuries are suitable for the SaeboStim One.

Any client suffering from muscle weakness and reduced function can benefit from electrical stimulation.

What Are the Contraindications?

  • Pacemakers
  • Cardiac arrhythmia or disturbance
  • Pregnancy
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy

Please contact Carol our Neuro Physiotherapist for more information.


The clinic can also fit SaeboStretch®. We have found the single most limiting factor to regaining hand function following a stroke, besides the severity of the stroke, is soft tissue shortening of the fingers and this has been a challenge for therapists since the first splint was fabricated.

How is the SaeboStretch® different?

The SaeboStretch® has a series of slots and cut-outs that ensure an intimate fit that keep the fingers right where you want them and prevents joint damage with a new strap design.

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“My wife saw Carol for the 1st time yesterday. Carol was very kind, professional and efficient. She gave my wife peace of mind with her problem and my wife is more than happy to be returning in 2 wks time. Thankyou for excellent customer service!”- David


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